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Richest People in the UK - Lakshmi mittal

There are over seventy billionaires in the top 1000 rich list, but only 40 are British born.

The wealthiest person in the country is the Duke of Westminster, who is fourth on the list with a fortune of £7 billion. He has dropped to fourth place and out of the top three for the first time since 1999.

Other British people in the top ten include Kirsty Bertarelli, the British wife of Italian pharmaceuticals billionaire Ernesto Bertarelli, came number 5 with a shared fortune of £6.87billion, and David and Simon Reuben are eighth with a £6.18 billion fortune.

Other Brits in the top fifty of the list include at number 19 Sir Richard Branson of Virgin with £3 billion, at number 23 Formula One’s Bernie Ecclestone with £2.5 billion and at number 36 JCB’s Sir Anthony Bamford with £1.6 billion.

Usmanov's Red and White Holding company said in a statement: "Red & White today announces that it now holds a stake of over 29% in Arsenal Holdings plc."

American businessman Kroenke's holding in Arsenal currently stands at 66.1%.

The Premier League greenlighted a takeover bid from Kroenke the month before after Kroenke had previously  bought the stakes of the famouys Danny Fiszman (16.1%) and also the Lady Nina Bracewell-Smith (15.9%) for an amount of about £234m.

But Usmanov has claimed that he will not sell his shares to the US based man, as have the Arsenal Supporters' Trust, which possesses some of the remaining shares.

Usmanov  first bought into Arsenal in August 2007, when he gave former vice-chairman David Dein about £75m for his 14.65% share and then in December 2009, Usmanov increased his stake to just over 26%.